Tidy Places Cleaning Supplies

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Tidy Places strongly believes that nothing is better for your home than the supplies you choose. This also means NO CROSS CONTAMINATION between clients. We use your vacuum, cleaning cloths, and products with the fragrances and disinfectants that you prefer. We can bring initial supplies to be left in your home upon request.

Recommended supplies to keep in your home:

  • Empty bucket
  • Floor cleaner (vinegar recommended for wood)
  • Glass cleaner
  • Bathroom tile cleaner (Lysol or Dow scrubbing bubbles)
  • Toilet bowl cleaner and toilet brush (one brush for each toilet is best)
  • Paper towels (inexpensive brand is best)
  • 12-18 microfiber and cotton terry cloth/2-4 per room
  • Damp/dry cloth is recommended for dusting
  • Vacuum cleaner (bags if needed)
  • Garbage bag for trash
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Libman Wonder Mop: can be bought at Home Depot. 

For recommended disinfecting products, please check the CDC guidelines:

To use your cleaning products most efficiently, please contact Tidy Places, so we can note any special cleaning instructions on your work order for our cleaning techs to reference during your cleaning visit.