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Move-in Cleaning Service

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Moving can be stressful! Let Tidy Places ease that stress with our personalized move-in cleaning service. We'll get your home or apartment ready for you so you can focus on other preparations.

Getting your home cleaned before moving in has two main benefits:

  • With a home free of furniture, we can clean every area inside and out. 
  • Starting off with a clean foundation (pun intended!) will make it easier to keep the house clean going forward.

We offer move-in cleaning services in Elgin, St. Charles, Bartlett, Wheaton, Barrington, and surrounding areas.

You can schedule a cleaning 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Saturday.

Our Move-in Home Cleaning package includes:

  • Wipe down all baseboards

  • Clean all doors and doorframes

  • Dust window sills, sashes, and blinds

  • Clean inside and outside of the kitchen, bathroom, and built-in cabinets

  • Clean all closet and pantry shelving

  • Dust light fixtures and fans that can be reached

  • Complete disinfecting of bathrooms including toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers

  • Wipe down kitchen countertops

  • Clean inside and outside of appliances

  • Wipe down sliding glass doors (and door tracks) 

  • All hard surface flooring washed and all carpet vacuumed

This includes the entire home and basement if you wish. Let us know if you have a task that isn’t listed. We are more than happy to discuss custom tasks. We want to prioritize according to your needs. 

We are happy to chat with you about your home and provide you with a free home move-in cleaning estimate